You are an Upholder +
You need a Weekly Planner like the Living Well Planner

Hi new friend! Okay so you took the quiz and now you’re here at your result! You’re getting all of this information in your inbox as we speak, so don’t worry if you click away and can’t remember how to get back here.

So what does it mean to be an Upholder who needs a Weekly Planner?

An Upholder is someone who readily meets their own inner expectations and the outer expectations of others. As an Upholder, you find it easy to hold yourself accountable.

As an upholder you might…

  • Overload your schedule - because you rock at GSD (getting shit done), you might overestimate just how much you can get done and push yourself into burnout mode.

  • Be inflexible - you know that systems and schedules are the way to make it all happen. Sometimes this means you can be a bit inflexible, especially when it comes to working with others. This is especially true if you’ve ever found yourself thinking “It’s just easier if I do it myself.”

you need a Weekly planner because…

You work best and get the most done when you have all the information laid out in black and white in front of you. A weekly planner will give you the bird’s eye view you need to keep track of all the moving parts, all week long.

Why the Living Well Planner is a good fit for you:

goal setting pages

Since Upholders are masters when it comes to goals, having space to set them and track your progress throughout your planner is a must! Using the Living Well Planner’s Goal Crushing® system will help you make sure you’re not only doing what you set out to do, but that you’re staying in touch with your motivations along the way.

monthly budgeting

If your finances are one of the areas you’re looking to improve (my hands are RAISED, believe that), this planner has a detailed budgeting spreadsheet at the beginning of each month and an expenses page at the end of each month.

thoughts and thanks

Because Upholders can fall trap to some major tunnel-vision, the monthly Thoughts and Thanks page is a built-in reminder to slow down, reflect, and get out of your own head.


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