You are an Obliger +
You need a Weekly Planner like the Essential Planner

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So what does it mean to be an Obliger who needs a Weekly Planner?

An Obliger is someone who finds it easier to meet expectations that other people have for you, over the expectations you set for yourself.

As an Obliger you might be…

  • A mom - you’ve got kids, work, you might have a partner, and #allthethings on YOUR plate. You have a hard time doing things for yourself, because there’s SO much going on and SO much to get done that aren’t for your sole benefit. You’re on the hamster wheel and you can’t seem to find your way off of it.

  • A people-pleaser - when someone else says ‘jump’, you say ‘how high?’ This is especially true in your professional life. If you’ve got a 9-5 you’re the person who works the hardest and does the most, but somehow you keep getting passed up for the props you truly deserve. If you’re a business owner you seem to attract the clients that try to take advantage of your Obliger-ness at every turn.

you need a Weekly planner because…

You’re a big picture thinker! You need to see the bird’s eye view of your week to feel in control and to keep track of all the moving parts.


Why the Essential Planner is a good fit for you:


weekly dashboard

As an Obliger, you get the most done when you have some external expectations to complete a task. With the Essential Planner, those external expectations come from filling out each section in your planner. Because you’ve got a lot going on, this planner is perfect for getting a birds eye view of your meals for the week, things you want to take care of around the house, plus space for notes before you even get to your weekly schedule.

space for self-care

Because you might have a hard time doing things for yourself, these daily self-care sections of meals, water, vitamins, and exercise are small reminders that you truly do matter and you deserve to treat your body well so that you can keep giving to the people that matter most to you.

monthly budgeting

As an Obliger, you probably have a lot on your plate. Having a handle on the ol' finances are just a part of the package. With the Essential Planner, you are able to keep track of it all within your planner, hooray!


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