You are a Questioner +
You need a Daily Planner like the Inkwell Press Planner

Hi new friend! Okay so you took the quiz and now you’re here at your result! You’re getting all of this information in your inbox as we speak, so don’t worry if you click away and can’t remember how to get back here.

So what does it mean to be a Questioner who needs a Daily Planner?

A Questioner is someone who meets their own inner expectations, but questions all outer expectations. As a questioner, you need to make sure something makes sense before you will do it.

As a questioner you might be…

  • Stuck in analysis paralysis - because your natural tendency is to question everything, you tend to get stuck in the cycle of seeking out information, questioning the information, seeking out more information, and questioning that information. It leaves you overwhelmed and feeling like you’re even less informed than before.

  • A perfectionist - you are at your best when you can make decisions with all of the necessary information in your arsenal. You feel a lot of dissonance and are very uncomfortable when you are forced to make a decision without feeling like you have enough information to justify the decision.

you need a daily planner because…

You’ve got a lot of moving parts to keep track of! You might look at everything you have going on in a week and feel overwhelmed by it all, or there just straight up might not be space to fit in everything your little busy-bee-butt is up to for an entire week on one or two pages.

Why the Inkwell Press Planner is a good fit for you:

task delegation

As a Questioner, you get the most done when you are in control of your tasks. With the Inkwell Press Planner, you are able to triage your daily tasks into Immediate, Important, and Insignificant sections.

undated pages

In the past you may have decided not to purchase a planner because you might not use it every single day, and therefore the ends do not justify the means in your mind. An undated planner is a great choice for Questioners because that means you decide when you use it, and no pages are wasted.

disc binding system

The Inkwell Press Planner has a disc binding system, which means you can insert and remove pages as you deem necessary. Having this level of customization means your planner will match the inner expectations you have for your schedule.


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