The Strategist

You might not think that strategy and rebellion can go hand-in-hand, friend, but they absolutely do.

As The Strategist, you rely on logic, facts, and data to back up the decisions you make and the planning you do.

You tend to be a private person, but fiercely loyal to those in your inner circle.

You are super independent, a self-proclaimed control freak, and have incredible followthrough when it comes to projects or causes you believe in.

Your Plan Like a Rebel approach:

K-I-S-S: Keep It Simple, Strategist!

You’re a visionary, able to objectively see how all the pieces of the puzzle could come together to get you where you want to go. Once you’re on the path you’ve planned out, your go-to move is to stay the course and see it through to the end.

Because of this, you’re more prone to try and do all the things yourself. You like to be in control of the things you plan out to make sure they’re done the “right” way (aka your way).

Rather than tell you to delegate more (which you already know you should do, but that’s just not your nature), the most deliciously rebellious thing you could do for yourself, Strategist, is to plan less.

The only things on your schedule should be:

  1. Time for your self-care

  2. Anything you need to be at on specific days at specific times (ie: work and appointments)

Everything else should go on a “could do” list and you can chip away at that as you have time and energy.

Just know anything on this list isn’t something to aspire to finish, they are just the things you could spend the rest of your time doing.

Your Plan Like a Rebel Mantra:

“The less I plan, the less I have to do.”


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