Three Month Goal Planner for Strategists

Three Month Goal Planner for Strategists


As a Strategist, the way you are going to set and work toward your goals is going to be different than that of a Feeler or a Perceiver.

Your Plan Like a Rebel approach is to K-I-S-S, Keep It Simple Strategist!

This means your goal setting strategy is going to be anchored around:

  • Simple self care activities (because your clients can wait, boo).

  • Setting fewer goals (because mo’ goals = mo’ problems).

  • Rolling with life’s punches (because you can’t plan your way out of your internet going down).

This three month goal planner is designed just for you as a Strategist to bridge the gap between the goals you set for your business and actually getting. them. done.

Consider this planner to be your go-to resource as you set and implement goals, three months at a time.

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