Quarterly Goal Planner

Quarterly Goal Planner


If you’ve ever set goals or resolutions on January 1st and fizzled out before February, this goal planner is for you.

You have the best intentions and ultimately you want to better yourself, but you just feel stuck. The goals you set aren’t happening, and frankly it feels really shitty to get your hopes up in January and then come December you’re no further along than when you started.

I created the Quarterly Goal Planner because I believe that we weren’t meant to plan our goals an entire year in advance. I believe that we grow, shift, and adjust with the seasons.

This 38 page planner was designed to walk you through the steps of:

  1. Who you are

  2. Where you’re at

  3. Highs and lows from the previous quarter

  4. The dreams you have for the coming quarter

  5. Setting your goals based on those dreams.

The Quarterly Goal Planner is designed to help you set goals that are truly meaningful to where you’re at right now and integrate them into your planner so you’re actually making major progress on the thing that matter most.

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