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Your crash course to learn how to Plan Like a Rebel

Come join me in my virtual classroom as I break down what it means to Plan Like a Rebel!

In our two hour session, I’ll walk you through how to plan for the month ahead in a way that honors your Rebel Planning Persona, your energy, and your time.

If having an entire month planned ahead of time makes your skin crawl, but you’re also sick of flying by the seat of your pants, this workshop is for you.

Plan Like a Rebel 101 is all about giving you a skeleton schedule to work from, and a menu of options to fill your time with as you go through your month.

The Plan Like a Rebel process is meant to help the wound-up overachievers out there relax their schedules while still getting things done, and for the head-in-the-clouds dreamers to take control and implement the amazing ideas they have.


Class is limited to 10 students per session,
$25 gets you in below:


Meet your instructor!

I’m Megan Seeley, a small-town Michigan mom, wife, planning fairy godmother, and host of the Plan Like a Rebel with big dreams of helping women slow the fuck down and let their freak flags fly through planning.

Most days, you’ll find me in yoga pants, binge-watching Hallmark movies on one screen and working away on the other with a cup of coffee or 4. I'm a true crime lover, horizontal stripes aficionado, and luxury bath time champion (ask me about my buffalo wings bath sometime).