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031 Staying Curious About Email Marketing (& Making it Not Suck) with Ashley Burnside

SO excited to bring you an conversation with my friend Ashley Burnside, Mad Scientist Email Marketing Specialist at The Punk Project!

In this episode we talk about Ashley’s journey of self-growth and discovery, and how she uses her introversion and nerdiness to help her clients NAIL their email marketing.

Ashley is a Rebel through and through. using her Strategist persona to combine what she knows with how she can make her plans feel really good to execute.

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026 Forget Everything You Think You Know About Goal Setting

Strategists are notorious overcomplicators, perfectionists, and control-freaks. Which means when it comes to goals, your best bet is going to be focused around simple self care activities, setting fewer goals, and building in simplicity reminders for yourself along the way.

If you’re a Strategist, incorporating self care into your everyday routines might feel super overwhelming. Because in your mind, you’re going from zero to a two hour morning routine that you can’t feasibly execute - meditation, morning pages, exercise, oil pulling, reading, coffee, showering, doing your hair, doing some household work, all at your leisure before the kids wake up and the daily chaos begins.

And so what you do you? You just don’t do any of it. You’re an all in or an all out type of a person if you’re a Strategist.

That’s why the emphasis on SIMPLE self care.

See by simplifying the routines, you’re able to go all in on it, the way you are naturally wired to do.

Goal setting feels hard and big *that’s what she said* but honestly, they’re only as hard and big as you make them. Simplicity goes a long way for you strategists out there and the three month goal planner is going to help you execute on that simplicity in a way that feels natural to you.

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