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014 Are Your Personality Types Internally or Externally Driven to Plan?

Today we are talking about DRIVE, one of the four pillars of planning that I talked about in last week’s episode. The four pillars of planning are something I’ve been putting together behind the scenes for a while, through conversations with my customers and clients, reading books and blogs, listening to a million podcasts, and really just getting a deeper knowledge of the psychology behind planning in general.

I am going to be completely transparent here a minute - I had a REALLY hard time getting this podcast episode out, because I haven’t fully flushed out the details of these planning pillars yet. I don’t have things as tidy and wrapped up in a bow as I would like. And it’s a little scary to share something that’s so raw and unfinished with you all.

BUT growth comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone, and I am going to share everything I have so far - just know this has a long way to go, but I am excited to be co-creating this planning personality framework along side you.

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013 The Biggest Reason You've Never Been Able to Use Your Planner Consistently

In today’s episode I’m diving into exactly why you’ve never been able to stick with using a planner consistently.

Over the past few months I’ve been creating a planning personality framework, based on four pillars of planning. I firmly believe that everyone is capable of planning consistently with ease and alignment to themselves, and all you need is to learn the strategies that are actually going to work for you.

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