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029 Opening a Brick and Mortar Business in 5 Months with Alyssa Cairns

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Alyssa Cairns, co-founder and all around badass of momHIVE, a community and coworking space for moms and entrepreneurs in Grand Rapids, MI.

She shares with us her story of big life changes, and the challenges that come with being a mom and an entrepreneur.

The idea for momHIVE began in February when Alyssa voiced her desire to have a space to do focused work outside of her home, and she was met with a massive amount of interest from other moms needing the same sort of space.

Between that post in February and opening day of the momHIVE space was just 5 short months - a time in which Alyssa got a crash course in what it really takes to open a brick & mortar business, how to listen to what the community really needs, and being able to deliver on it all while (mostly) keeping her sanity.

Alyssa is JUST the type of Rebel I wanted to have on to show you that even your biggest wildest goals can happen when you lean into your natural tendencies, listen to your audience, and trust your inner voice.

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028 3 Things Perceivers Do REALLY Well In Goal Setting

Perceivers are SO intuitive, enviably so by the rest of us! If you’re a Perceiver, you just always seem to know what your next move should be. 

If you ask them what their next project is, they’ve got it all mapped out in their minds. They’ve got all the ideas, and what is perhaps so intimidating to others is that they seem so SURE of them all.

When it comes to goals, that superpower helps Perceivers make sure they’re setting the right goals.

But if you aren’t a do you know if you’re setting the right goals?

Entrepreneurship gives SO many of us that shiny object syndrome. Everywhere you turn it seems like there’s a new trend - batching, A/B scheduling, courses, digital products, YouTube channels...when you are still trying to get your business feet underneath you it can be hard to figure out what your next goals should be to help you grow and profit in a way that you can feel aligned with and good about. 

Because the only thing worse than setting the wrong goal in business, is setting the wrong goal AND not feeling like you’re able to show up and put in our best effort because it’s so not you.

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