030 Bringing Your Whole Self Into Your Relationships with Alice TJ

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Show Notes:

SO excited to bring you our first interview of August with my girl Alice TJ of Alice TJ Coaching. She is a Relationship Coach and Communication Educator who helps people intentionally create that “fuck yeah” type of love we all crave.

In this episode we get insight into something Alice and her partner Ryan do together regularly to make sure they get focused time together on the regular (hint: it’s a WALL CALENDAR, y’all - you know we love a Wall Calendar over here).

Our big to-do is digging into the guts of what it takes to bring your whole self, pretty/ugly/sexy/sparkly/boob sweat and all into your relationship with yourself, with your partner(s), with your business…

BASICALLY you gotta do you before you can do anything else.

Which is what we’re all about, people.

I had so so so much fun hanging out behind the mic with Alice and I cannot wait for you to meet her!

Make sure you click the link above to follow her on the ‘gram and connect - her stories are hilarious and SUPS helpful.