022 How to Do Summer Like a Feeler

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We are just 10 short days away from it being officially Summertime in the US on the day this episode goes live, which means most of the people I know are shifting from the stale winter energy and the workerbee energy of Spring into the sweet slowness of the Summer season.

Since we’re talking about our Feelers out there today, let’s quickly go over the bones of this Rebel Planning Persona.

The Feeler wears her heart on her sleeve, is people oriented, conscientious of others, and has a creative side that she downplays but secretly wishes she had the courage to show the world. She bases the decisions she makes and the planning she does on how it will make others feel about her.

As a Feeler, your natural tendency is to give away your time and energy, oftentimes to your detriment. Because of this, you need to be careful of how much of yourself you give away, and you also need to be in tune with your motivations behind it. Are you doing it altruisticly, or are you hoping to get something in return? And if that’s the case, are you making your desires and expectations clear?

Each of the Rebel Planning Personas has a Plan Like a Rebel strategy - for The Feelers, that is to P-Y-T - Protect Your Time.

Feelers, during the Summer months, your go-to move is to spend a lot your free time coordinating and making plans that make sure everyone is having a great time this Summer. Everyone except for you.