020 How to Harness your Rebel Energy All Year Long

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Show Notes:

There’s an energy shift that happens between Spring and Summer. Have you ever felt it?

For a lot of folks out there, it’s the shift to a slower, more playful, more relaxed energy. It invites you to play outside, to gather with friends, to think less about your goals and more on your weekend plans. It’s beer by the pool, grilling out, and letting your skin absorb the sunlight like a sizzling hug from the sky.

And for others, like me, and maybe like you too, Rebel, it’s a different shift. It’s more relaxed, yes. It’s more playful, yes. But it’s also more focused.  It’s basking in the air conditioning and introverting your ass off. It’s reflecting on the first half of the year, and looking ahead and what’s to come in the next half. It’s trying something new because there’s something inside of you screaming for it. It’s a bolder energy than any other time of year.

Whichever end of that spectrum you skew more toward, I think that even just acknowledging an energy shift is important in our world of hustle and consistency.

That’s something Rebels tend to struggle with - consistency. Whether that’s because you’re consistent to a fault (aka it’s tough for you to relax) or because in your body consistency = hives, it’s a universal Rebel truth. At least in our little corner of the universe.

Today I want to cover first why acknowledging and embracing your natural energy shifts can only help you as you plan throughout your year to keep your actions aligned with your values, and keep you from pulling your hair out with stress, most of the time. Then, we’ll talk about how to know when the energy shifts again around the Fall.


- What trying to have a baby has to do with your energy

- The ways my energy shifts throughout the year

- How I keep track of those shifts

- Where you can download your FREE Rebel Report resource to help you track your own energy shifts

- How to use your Rebel Report and when to use it