019 Are you a Ramona, a Lilith, or an Alex? Meet the Rebel Planning Personas!

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Half Day Planning Intensive

Show Notes:

A few weeks ago, I started talking about the Planning Personality framework I was building. And then I abruptly stopped talking about it.

What the hell, right?

Let’s talk about that. I was feeling SO much resistance to it. The creative energy behind it just was not freaking there. But the belief in it still is.

So what’s a rebel to do?

A rebel takes the path of least resistance. A rebel lets things be easy.

So today I want to share what has come out of letting things be easy, following the creative flow, and tell you about the Rebel Planning Personas.

I’ve taken some time to get to know each of these personas, starting with an avatar icon, and letting them tell me what their names are. Their titles. How old they are. What they do for work. Where they live. What they’re afraid of.

What has come out of this, is a new quiz that I’m putting together. It’s going to replace the current quiz, Which Planner Do You Need Based on Your Tendency Type.

This quiz will tell you which of the Rebel Planning Personas you are, and tell you your Rebel Planning Strategy - how you can let things be easy in a way that aligns with your Planning persona.

So...you ready to meet my personas?


- Ramona, The Strategist

- Lilith, The Feeler

- Alex, The Perceiver