017 F*ck your to-do list, make a could-do list instead

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Half Day Planning Intensive

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The expectations that SO many people have when it comes to planning is that you need to have every minute accounted for, and that if you aren’t planning every little thing, you’re not doing enough, or doing it “right”.

Boxes. Those are ALL boxes you’re putting yourself in, friend.

And for what? To what end? What good does planning that way do for you?

You might think “well that’s how other people plan” or “that’s how I was taught to plan”, or it might just be what you think of when you think of planning. But you’re wrong. Just straight up wrong.

It’s not your fault, but let’s talk about what it would be like for planning to be easy. And what it actually TAKES to let it be easy. And how you can break the thought patterns that planning has to be one specific thing.


- Why that person you’re comparing yourself to isn’t really that happy either

- What you’re really craving from planning, and it’s not consistency

- THE most important thing to know about planning

- Why I’m renaming to-do lists, because seriously f*ck them


I’m diving in on a little podcast rebrand action, and talking to you about what it takes to plan like a rebel.