016 Stop giving your planner so much power and harness your own Big Dick Energy instead

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Half Day Planning Intensive

Show Notes:

What if, instead of it being a self-fulfilling prophecy, you just didn’t give planning as much power as you do?

What if planning wasn’t this big thing that is either all in or all out?

What if Planning was just the vehicle for you to live life on your own terms?

How good would that feel?

I think we’re all under so much pressure to have it all together and it’s like if you can’t have it all together you’re a big hot mess.

Which just isn’t true.


- What Big Dick Energy has to do with planning (and what BDE even IS)

- About that new relationship feeling when you buy a new planner

- Why it’s okay to take a break from your planner

- What to do with those empty pages in your planner instead of buying a new one


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