013 The Biggest Reason You've Never Been Able to Use Your Planner Consistently

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In today’s episode I’m diving into exactly why you’ve never been able to stick with using a planner consistently.

Over the past few months I’ve been creating a planning personality framework, based on four pillars of planning. I firmly believe that everyone is capable of planning consistently with ease and alignment to themselves, and all you need is to learn the strategies that are actually going to work for you.


- What the four pillars of planning are

- About the planning personality framework

- An all too familiar story of your planner history (I don’t have a spy on you, I swear)

- Exactly why you’ve never been able to use a planner consistently


I’ll be back digging into DRIVE, which is the planning pillar that causes you to take action. You don’t need to be a go-getter to rank highly in the DRIVE pillar, and we’ll get more into that next week!