012 Owning It All as a Rebel with Michelle Stevens

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Show Notes:

In today’s episode I’m chatting with my good friend, Rebel and Lifetstyle Coach Michelle of I’m Owning It All.

I wanted to bring Michelle on the show to talk about being a Rebel from her perspective, and how it has shaped her experience in the world and with regards to her self care.


- How Michelle helps people with chronic illness, autoimmune disease, and undiagnosed illnesses chase their dreams, not their symptoms

- Why I love Michelle’s woo woo personality and how it meshes really well with my practical AF side

- Michelle’s favorite and least favorite things about being a Rebel

- How fired up I get that Rebels and Upholders aren’t talked to much in marketing

- One of Michelle’s FIVE self-care alternatives to diet and exercise (and a soapbox moment from yours truly)

- How Michelle makes her self-care a priority as a Rebel


Next week, we’re starting a new series to take you into the four pillars of planning: Drive, Consistency, Boundaries, and Adaptability. We’re covering Drive first, and you’ll get a little peek into something I’ve been working on recently (hint: it’s got to do with planning personalities)!