011 5 Ways Rebels Can Be More Consistent With Their Self Care

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Show Notes:

In today’s episode I’m talking specifically to the Rebels out there. If you aren’t a Rebel, that’s okay! You might have a Rebel in your daily life and this info could be gold when it comes to understanding how Rebels take care of themselves.

Because Rebels tend to reject all expectations and focus mainly on what feels truest to themselves, we’re going to talk about self-care routines in terms of rituals, and how to do you consistently when the rest of the world wants you to do it their way.


- Why a lot of the self-care advice out there doesn’t sit well with Rebels

- How to rephrase the word Routine so you don’t want to barf

- Why telling your friends your plans is a terrible idea

- How to embrace your inner Rebel when it comes to self-care

- Why lists are better than schedules hands-freakin-down for Rebels


Next week, I’m sitting down with my Rebel friend and client Michelle Stevens (who had some awesome tips for us today) to chat about how being a Rebel is an asset in business and life.