010 How to Stack Your Senses For Self Care as an Upholder

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Show Notes:

In today’s episode I’m talking specifically to the Upholders out there. If you aren’t an Upholder, that’s okay, this episode might give you a little insight into what makes an Upholder tick, and how you might be able to tap into some of their power.

Because Upholders are really great at meeting expectations, we are going to focus today on how Upholders can balance those expectations and be a little more flexible to accommodate your self-care routines.


- The secret sauce to an Upholder’s ability to be a productivity machine

- The flipside of that productivity

- Why Upholders and toddlers have more in common than you may realize

- How stacking activities that hit all your senses makes for better (and easier) self care


Next week, we are wrapping up our Self Care Routines series with an episode for you Rebels out there. We’ll be discussing how to go your own way and do your own things within the constraints of times and schedules.