008 How Questioners Can Get Clear on Their Self-Care Routines

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Gretchen Rubin - Creator of The Four Tendencies Framework

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This week, we’re continuing our series on Self-Care Routines!

If you haven’t taken my free quiz yet, you’re gonna want to do that, so if that’s you, head to thegoaldesigner.com/quiz to take my 5 question quiz and then head right on back.

You’re gonna need the result to find out which of Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies you are, and which planner you need based on that tendency type.

The reason for this is that each episode of our Routines series is going to be catered to each of the Four Tendency types. Because different types have different needs when it comes to routines, it felt important to me to highlight each type and how to create and implement routines specific to your tendency type.

In today’s episode I’m talking specifically to you Questioners out there. If you aren’t a Questioner, there’s a good chance you know and love a Questioner, as they are the second most common tendency, so this episode will be helpful to you, too.


- Learn what a Questioner is

- Why Questioners need to know what’s in it for them

- How to get out of Analysis Paralysis

- Making your self-care routine a flexible experiment

- The pitfalls Questioners can face when implementing new self-care routines


Next week, we are taking a small break from our Routines series to talk to my friend Dr. Kristine Newman about her experience being a questioner and how she uses her expertise and experience to help others do the things they say they want to do when it comes to their health!