003 Quarterly Goal Setting - Last Quarter's Highs and Lows

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To purchase the Quarterly Goal Planner - https://www.thegoaldesigner.com/shop/

Listen to Part 1 of this 5 part series here - https://www.thegoaldesigner.com/podcast/001

Listen to Part 2 of this 5 part series here - https://www.thegoaldesigner.com/podcast/002

Show Notes:

Reflecting on last quarter’s highs and lows.

No goal setting prep work is complete without reflection. We tend to focus so much on the negatives in our every day lives that it can be hard to remember the highlights. And not only is it hard to remember what they were, but it's hard for so many people to truly celebrate a high.


- Map out what worked and didn't work in the last quarter

- Reflect on the lessons you learned

- Declare what you're saying YES to and NO to in the next quarter

- Identify who your cheerleaders were (and who you were a cheerleader for)

This section builds on the foundation you set in episodes 001 and 002 and will help you reflect on lessons learned last quarter so you can look ahead to the next one with a clear lens.


We’ll cover what big dreams you want to start working toward in the next quarter, what you’ll leave behind that’s been holding you back, and setting your word for the quarter.