002 Quarterly Goal Setting - Meeting Yourself Where You're At

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To purchase the Quarterly Goal Planner - https://www.thegoaldesigner.com/shop/

Listen to Part 1 of this 5 part series here - https://www.thegoaldesigner.com/podcast/001

Show Notes:

Where you're at, right now

In the same way you need to be aware of who you really are before you can set goals that will actually work, you also need to be aware of where you're at right now.

This section can be tough, so I want you to take your time, and if you feel like you need to stop and come back later, definitely do it.


- Evaluating how you feel you are "doing" in different areas of your life

- Naming your fears about facing your life situation

- Beginning to overcome those fears and thinking through the different scenarios that could play out if you decided to go improve things in your life

This episode builds on the foundation you set in episode 001 and will help you start to hone in on the areas of your life you want to set your goals around.


We’ll start reflecting on the past quarter, learning how to celebrate the wins big and small, and identifying what worked and didn’t work as we prepare to set good goals.