001 Quarterly Goal Setting - Getting to Know Yourself

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To purchase the Quarterly Goal Planner - https://www.thegoaldesigner.com/shop/

Find out your Four Tendencies type here - https://www.thegoaldesigner.com/quiz/
or here - https://quiz.gretchenrubin.com/

Find out your Enneagram number here (read through each type and see which one you identify with most) - https://www.integrative9.com/enneagram/introduction/

Find out your Myers-Briggs/16 Personalities type here - https://www.16personalities.com/

Show Notes:

Goals. we've all got 'em.

But we don't always accomplish them. We have the tools available to us to make our goals happen, but there's a disconnect somewhere between setting our goals and actually crossing that finish line.

That’s why I created this quarterly goal setting series.

This process was designed to bridge the gap between the goals you set and getting. them. done. This 5 episode series will be your go-to resource as you set and implement goals each quarter.

1. Use these episodes to get down to the heart of what truly matters to you each quarter

2. Break the goals you set down into actionable steps

3. Write the steps into your planner every month

4. Record your progress every week as a part of your Plan to Plan time.

As you work through this goal planning series, put on your comfiest pants, and pour a glass of your favorite beverage. Really make a morning or an evening of it!

You've got this, friend! You've got the goals, you've got the tools, now onward to make those tools work for you and all of the great things you want to do in life.

Who you think you are vs. Who you really are

When people typically set goals, they're usually based on a version of themselves they think they are, rather than who they really are. This is detrimental in two ways:

First, it means the goals they're setting are misaligned with where they're at right now. Misalignment is a huge underlying factor in losing momentum.

Second, it means they're setting goals that they feel like they "should" set over goals they really need to be setting. The "shoulds" are basically a death-wish for goals.

In today’s episode we will cover:

- Determining who you think you are (what you have told yourself you are, what others have told you about yourself)

- Flipping the script on those things

- Naming your personality types (Four Tendencies, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs)

- Starting to think about how to use your personality types to your advantage

This section sets the foundation for the goals you will set and the actions you will take to make them happen.

Next Week

We’ll be building on the work from this episode and focusing on where you’re at and how to meet yourself there.