Planner Matchmaking

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Finding the right planner is a lot like dating.

Sometimes you find a good one that will last a lifetime, other times…well, other times it just doesn’t work out.

It’s not you. It’s them.

Like my friend Charlotte here, you're a serial monogamist when it comes to planners.

You buy one, stop using it after a week, then buy another and repeat the pattern foreverandeveramen - Am I right?

Fear not, you’re in good company and above all, you're not broken!

Consider me your planner matchmaker, friend.

When you work with me, you’re finally going to meet the ONE (and I don't mean Trey, I mean Harry).

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Here’s what I know about you:


you buy a planner every year and think to yourself

This is it! This is the year I finally get my shit together!

and then you stop using it.

I didn’t really like this planner anyway.

you say it’s the planner, but you secretly wonder if it’s actually you.

(It’s not).

So what’s a girl gotta do to get a decent planner around here?

here’s how it works:

  1. schedule your planner matchmaking sesh

  2. video chat with me via zoom for 30 minutes

  3. receive the planner of your dreams in the mail

Wait, how much is this gonna cost me?

The whole experience will run you $127 bones (the approximate number of bones Charlotte endured to find her bae Harry).

Your $127 investment includes:

  • a 30 minute video chat with me

  • the planner of your dreams, mailed directly to you

  • the weight of wondering if this one will actually work lifted off your shoulders

peep what some of my past clients have said:

Thanks for helping me make my planner my perfect assistant instead of a useless purchase gathering dust!
— Maria English
I consider myself a planner junkie, but I’ve never found one I that truly works for me. If you’re sick of wasting time and money on endless planners, set up a matchmaking call with Megan today!
— Katie Williamsen


Okay but what if you send me a Trey and not a Harry?
(aka: what happens if I’m not happy with my planner?)

No Big, babe (see what I did there?) - sometimes even a planner expert misses the mark! It hasn’t happened yet, but hey, I’m only human.

That’s why I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You’ve got 30 days from the day you receive your planner to give it a whirl, and if you’re not loving it? You get your money back.