The Perceiver

You have absolute trust in the way you view the world, which is a rebellious act in and of itself.

As The Perceiver, you make objective observations about the world around you and take decisive action based on what you know to be true in your gut.

You are confident in your sense of self and are driven to do what you feel is right which can be intimidating to others.

In social situations, you are the person your friends rely on for the honest truth because they know you are coming from a place of love.

Your Plan Like a Rebel approach:

W-t-F: Willing to be Flexible!

You are naturally assertive and decisive, meaning you always have a good idea on the “right” way to get things done.

Because of this, you have a tendency to steamroll the opinions of others when it comes to plans for your life, even if those plans include others. AKA you’re a “my way or the highway” type of woman.

Others tend to be intimidated by your sense of self and drive to do what you feel is true and right for you, when really you are operating from a place of wanting to improve life for everyone around you through your actions.

When you make plans, you don’t usually have a problem putting your self-care first, it’s more that you don’t leave a lot of wiggle room for flexibility.

The most deliciously rebellious thing you could do for yourself, Perceiver, is to leave space for changes.

When you are making plans that involve other people, give yourself some extra time before and after those plans to allow for the life stuff that comes up for you and for others. This way, your whole day won’t be thrown off by you opening your time to other people and gives you the freedom to adapt and stay on track even if other people don’t come through the way you might expect them to.

Your Plan Like a Rebel Mantra:

“The expectations I have for myself may be unrealistic for others.”


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