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about the podcast

Plan Like a Rebel is a podcast for online entrepreneurs who are tired of hearing the same old boring business advice that never feels like it’s for them.

Around these parts, we reference the 3 Rebel Planning Personas (RPPs) and how to plan for profit in business & life based on our own RPPs combined with our natural energy shifts.

Each month I do 3 solo episodes on one topic, one episode specific to each of the RPPs, and 1 guest interview with an expert on the topic at hand.

This means I’ve only got a limited number of guests I can accept - hence the application!

about my audience

Plan Like a Rebel listeners are mostly female entrepreneurs in the US and Canada between 25-45 years old.

They identify as Rebels, meaning they feel like they don’t quite fit in completely. They’re searching for information on how to run their lives and businesses by leaning into their natural Rebel selves, finding their people they do feel like they fit in with.

They’re more spontaneous, less straight laced. They swear. They have tattoos and non-traditional relationships. They want to listen to people who are daring to show the fuck up as their true self, in all aspects, even the ugly ones.

before we discuss your expertise,
as a human being you’re gonna have to be:

  1. FUN

    Seriously though. Don’t be boring. Show us your personality. Let your freak flag fly! We are REBELS here.


    You don’t have to swear yourself, but I’m gonna drop a few guaranteed, so if you or your audience aren’t cuss-positive, you’re gonna have a bad time.


    I don’t do sugar-coated. And neither do you if you’re gonna be on the pod. We really dig into what it means to rebel against what the trends are saying. My audience craves that camaraderie with other business owners and ideally you do, too.



still with me? topics that might be a good fit are:

  • paper planners (share yours with us, how you use it, etc)

  • Digital Planning Tools (Trello, Asana, etc)

  • Content Planning

  • Social Media

  • Self Care

  • money things (life and biz related)

  • Mindset

  • Energy management and alignment

  • Parenting as a business owner

  • Productivity

  • Time Management (especially if that phrase makes you want to barf)

  • Other topics will be considered if you make your case!

If you are a Garlic Bread expert, let’s talk.

If you are a Garlic Bread expert, let’s talk.


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