3 Easy Steps to Set Up Your 2019 Planner

Hi friend!

As you're aware, it's 2019 now (🤯), which means you're (probably) cracking open your fresh, new planner this week!

This can cause a few reactions:

you are really excited for a blank slate

you are kind of lost because it's *such* a blank slate

orrr a mixture of both

So I wanted to make sure your resident Planning Fairy Godmother (that's me) was ready and available to help you navigate your first week in a new planner.

Step 1

Add in birthdays anniversaries, concrete travel plans, and if you've got kids in school, the dates they're closed.

I'd recommend doing this on the monthly calendar view, and then adding it into the day or week itself so you have it in mind when you need to no matter where you're looking.

A good way to do this if you used a planner in 2018 is to open both of your planners up side-by-side and transfer those dates over, month by month before you retire your 2018 planner.


Step 2

Add a note for yourself to buy a card and/or gift for your people 1-2 weeks before their special days to keep you on top of it without having to remember to do it.

unnamed (2).jpg

Step 3 (optional)

Add seasonal stickers for some fun eye-candy on holidays, the various equinoxes and solstices, and travel days to keep you motivated throughout the year.

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Cheers to the New Year,