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Before you get behind the mic:

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1. On the day and time of your interview,  click the link in your email - we’ll be recording on Zencastr, no software download or login needed.

2. Use headphones with a microphone in them to boost sound quality. The ones that came with your iPhone will work well!

3. Minimize distractions and background noise by shutting the door to the room you’ll be connecting from. Avoid coffee shops or public places if you can.

4. I will only be recording audio. No makeup, yesterday’s yoga pants, and day 3 of dry shampoo? No one will ever know but you, babe.

5. Remember that editing is a thing for a reason, so don’t worry about tripping over your words or your mind going blank. I’ve got you, boo.

6. Take a look at the podcast interview questions beforehand, so you know what I’ll be throwing your way.

And finally, get excited for a relaxed, fun Plan Like a Rebel conversation!
I can’t wait to chat with you!

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