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Planners saved my life.

As a new mom back in 2015, I found myself putting everyone and everything else before my own needs.

Self-care was at the very bottom of the to-do list (if it made it there at all).

My Simplified Planner* empowered me to physically create time in my schedule to take care of myself, and in return every other aspect of my life has improved.

It took nearly a year, an ER trip, thousands of dollars in medical bills, and a lot of tears before I realized that taking time for myself HAD to be a top priority in my life.  


The Plan to Plan Process

Put on your comfy pants, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get your favorite guilty pleasure TV show queued up on Netflix as you map out your week in your planner.

Plan to Plan is built on a 3 part framework of putting:

  1. Your self-care first

  2. Your obligations to others second

  3. Your to-do list third


Choose your own adventure:


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