You didn’t become an entrepreneur to do things the same as everyone else.

That’s why you’ve gotta Plan Like a Rebel.


Typical business advice for online entrepreneurs is BORING.


No matter HOW many times or ways you hear that you should batch your content, work in an A/B schedule, podcast and blog every week, email your list, start a YouTube channel, outsource, pay yourself, charge your worth, blahblahblah….

There’s just something MISSING.

It’s like you see the business owners you look up to doing everything “right” according to the currently popular thought leaders out there, and spending WAY too much time doubting yourself because you just can’t seem to get your shit together like that.

 Sometimes you can’t help but wonder if you’re even cut out for this entrepreneur thing at all.

I’m here to drop a truth bomb on you, babe:

You’re not the ideal client for those thought leaders you follow.



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